#WorkingMomma: Tips To Help Inspire You To Workout

With a lot of demands at home and work, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find time for fitness. But don’t worry moms, we know your daily #feels! So we decided to ask help from fitness enthusiast and working mom, Bettinna Carlos, to share a few tips on working out to motivate you to live a healthy life. Check out her practical tips below, and have a happy, healthy week ahead!


1. Be motivated to live a healthy life for your kids.

When I was younger, my motivation was purely for vanity. It was just to look thin and pleasing to the eyes. Now that I am a single, working mother, it is to be healthy and strong to attend to the needs of my daughter. My mindset is that as my daughter’s only parent, I want to live strong so I can be there for her as long as I can. I remind myself WHY I want to be healthy–it’s for her.


2. Go for circuit training.

Circuit training is short, explosive, and you can do it at home! It will greatly benefit you in a short amount of time–you only need 20-30 minutes for it. In this day and age, we are blessed to have workout programs available everywhere! Instagram is a good source, but you can also check out some mobile apps for free programs that fit your type of workout.


3. Try working out with your kids.

Any physical activity can be a cool workout with your kids! I work out with my daughter Gummy. She joins me on the floor mat and she does squats with a light dumbbell. If you want to try doing exercises outdoors, jog or play football with them. It’s going to be super fun, promise!


4. You have to make time for it.

You have to commit to doing it everyday. Working out is a good way to teach your children about taking care of themselves. So stop thinking that it is another activity that will just consume your time and energy. Find exercises that will give you more energy and a happier, calmer disposition!

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