7 Dessert Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Sweet-Toothed Friends!

Aside from giving useful gifts and personalized tokens this Christmas, the next best thing that you can give is… food! You can never go wrong with something sweet and scrumptious, right? We’ve listed some online dessert shops that you can check out over the week, to help bring some holiday sugar into your sweet-toothed friends’ lives! View our list below, and feast your eyes on these yummy desserts!

1. Mommy Treats

These treats are perfect for breastfeeding mothers who worry about their milk supply. Mommy Treats’ baked goods are all-natural and pharmaceutical-free with the aim to help nursing mothers boost their milk supply. Plus, they’re yummy to boot!

2. The Sweet Life by Ange

Are you looking for a classic dessert with a new twist? Then check out The Sweet Life by Ange! Bestsellers like the Sweet Surrender (a modern take on Brazo de Mercedes) and the Red Velvet Cheesecake have been capturing the hearts and stomachs of many, and have been featured in newspapers, magazines, and TV!

3. Swell Sweets Cake Lab

Are you hosting any themed parties this holiday season? Or maybe you just want a cool, designed cake to wow your guests with? Hit up Swell Sweets Cake Lab and go nuts over their funky designs!

4. Bottled Up PH

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas giveaway, then look no more! Bottled Up PH has your favorite cakes and treats in a jar. Cute, delish, and something that you can bring home with you, these jars make the perfect gifts for your on-the-go friends! They also do personalized labels!

5. Nuts and Glory

Check out Nuts and Glory to help satisfy your nutty friends’ nutty desires! They offer scrumptious Chocolate Discs topped with almonds, peanuts, walnuts, chia seeds, and more! Plus, they serve these sweets in boxes of six–perfect for sharing or binging all on your own!

6. Honest Junk

Are you worried about finding the right gift for that friend of yours who’s going healthy but has a secret sweet tooth? No need to worry! Honest Junk offers healthy, sweet snacks at an affordable price! Like their Zooper Animal Cookies that are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-sugar, and low-sodium. How much healthier can you get?

7. Kumori Ph

Are you a Matcha lover? Or have friends who are absolute Matcha fans? Then you must share the love! Kumori Ph is offering limited edition Matcha Cheese Tarts, that are the perfect gifts for your Matcha-loving friends!


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