Christmas Gift Guide: 7 Food Options for Your Potluck Dinners

It’s Christmas season! And that means parties, lunches, get-togethers, dinners, and lots and lots of food! You’re bound to have at least one potluck party this holiday season, and if you’re worried about what to bring, don’t have the time to prepare anything, or aren’t quite confident with your culinary skills, don’t worry–you can always buy something. It’s quick, easy, and there’s no stress involved. So here’s a list of food options that’ll have everyone coming back for seconds!


1. NawwTy’s Kitchen

What is NawwTy’s Kitchen’s specialty? Home-cooked comfort food! Their dishes are specifically made to travel well (up to three days!) and preserve their freshness!


2. The Butchery

If you’re looking for something quick and simple, that’s still healthy and organic, check out The Butchery Sausage and their party favorites, like their chicken popcorn and their Indian-spiced chicken wings!


3. Yaya Lola

If there’s anyone you can trust to make good food, it’s yaya and lola. It’s fitting that their tagline reads: cooking from the heart. And even their quote goes: “Memorable moments deserve unforgettable food.” If there’s anyone you can trust for an unforgettable home-cooked dish, it’s Yaya Lola.


4. Pio’s Kitchen

If you really want to go all out and impress, go with Pio’s Kitchen! They’re known for their best-selling, huge seafood paella and nothing says comfort food like some hot, tasty rice with lots of seafood.


5. Baguettini Sandwiches

Looking for a new twist to your usual sandwiches? Check out Baguettini! Their sandwiches are made from mini baguettes, and they’re super delicious! Their Airfried Chicken Adobo Flakes with basil-infused cream cheese and roasted tomato garlic pesto cream is super worth it!


6. The Party Kitchen

No time to cook for your Christmas party? Order a feast for dinner! The Party Kitchen specializes in scrumptious comfort food that is delivered right to your doorstep.


7. Lily & Rose Manila

Are you craving for chicken? Aside from the usual fried chicken, try Lily & Rose Manila’s seared salmon with white wine sauce! It’s divine!


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