Gift Guide: What to Give Mom This Christmas

December is finally here! The merrymaking commences, gifts for friends and loved ones are all wrapped and ready for distribution, Simbang Gabi is just a few winks away, and the family is home. Truly, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! But mamas, you might be forgetting one more person. And I think she deserves to indulge too. So, I made it easier for the hubbies, and rounded up some of the best gifts he can get his lovely, hardworking wife. Copy, paste, and send this link to him so he knows what he can get YOU this Christmas.

1. Something for her and baby

Charlie Baby

All moms with kids know how important a diaper bag is in their lives. I love how Charlie Baby diaper bags don’t even look like a diaper bag, yet it fulfills the needs of one. It’s chic, spacious, easy to clean, and versatile–it can be worn as a messenger or sling bag, making it perfect for travel! I’m pretty sure even dads wouldn’t mind lugging this around.


2.Something to get her right on track


Mamas, I know we never have time on our hands and we tend to put ourselves last, but can we try to promise that we will be more conscious of our health and overall wellness this coming year? I got scared when my doctor likened my body to a car running on flat tires. Thankfully, the remedy was to increase my water intake, but I’ve been so conscious ever since. When I was introduced to FitBit, my life got so much better. This fitness tracker is so smart, juggling mom and wife life, that work and my love for exercise has been taken to a whole new level! I’m using the Charge 2 and I love how I get to track my daily steps (it even reminds me to move haha!), monitor my sleep and workouts so I can work my way to a better routine, and can stick to my goal to lose more weight in spite of my crazy schedule.


3. That one item she thinks she doesn’t need, but she does

Naked Sun Swimwear

I know summer isn’t on your minds right now, but just in case the hubby surprises you with a quick getaway (ahem, hubbies!), you’re ready! Naked Sun Swimwear has the cutest designs and mommy-friendly cuts that’ll make you feel confident when you’re strutting by the poolside or playing with your kiddos in a swimsuit by the beach!


4. An easy breezy update for her wardrobe


I really love accessories! During my Fashion editor days a.k.a. pre-mama days, I wouldn’t leave home without a piece or two dangling from my neck or arm. When I had babies, I really avoided wearing any, mainly because I didn’t want to harm them, and I didn’t want them to harm me (try tugging on your necklaces, kaya)! So as I began to settle into my mom life, my taste in accessories evolved as well. I now find myself being lured to intricate, dainty, and sometimes barely there pieces that make a look pop even more. I score pieces here and there, and one of the best finds by far is Heyjow. Check out their recent line with photographer Sheila Catilo! Love how these two talented girls who collaborated are also moms–so expect special touches from each piece.


5. That everyday shoe

Melissa Shoes

Taking a cue from our busy lives, I think a go-to pair of sandals are a must for every mama. I have three pairs on rotation for a busy week. I carefully choose my pairs when I buy, and make sure they all complement my wardrobe, so mixing and matching can be easier. I love sandals so much, and Melissa’s holiday offering is so spot on! Perfect for shorts, dresses, and even jeans!


6. A key piece that’ll save her time from choosing what to wear

Anika Mnl

Seriously a fan of this young designer! Anika’s pieces are versatile, giving you countless chic outfit options. They’re perfect for on-the-go ladies who just love beautiful, feminine, and fuss-free silhouettes.


7. A house item you know she will surely love

Seek The Uniq

This site can do no wrong! I almost want to “add to cart” everything they are selling on Seek The Uniq. Everything in their home section on the website, including these beautifully-curated pieces, is so covetable. Deadly, I tell you!


8. That everyday bag

Pravi bags

I love my Pravi so much, I still return it in the box every time after using it! Fits almost everything I need, feels like buttery leather, and with the chic-est neutral colors, this bag is a definite closet staple.


9. Her new signature scent

Jo Malone London

It’s not a secret that both local and foreign celebrities love this brand, and I don’t blame them. Jo Malone really smells SO good. Indulge, and find the scent you want to wear on special occasions and for everyday, by heading to their branches in Greenbelt 5 and SM Aura. For a more festive scent, check out the Limited Edition Pomegranate Noir encased in an exquisite bottle.


10. That item that will definitely get her all kilig this Christmas

La Mer

I really have not met anyone who doesn’t like this brand–especially those familiar with it. And besides, if the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach, for the ladies, it’s definitely all things beauty!

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