D.I.Y. Christmas Decorations To Do With Your Kids During the Holidays

Wanna make Christmas super fun and festive for your kids? Check out these fun D.I.Y. decorations you and your little ones can do over the holiday break, to make your house look even more festive! The best part is that all the materials you need can be found at home.

D.I.Y. Christmas Decorations To Do With Your Kids

1. Hand Print Christmas Wreath

There’s just something so Christmasy about wreaths! Instead of buying a new one this year, why not make it a little project for you and your kiddo? Doesn’t that sound like a fun idea? You can even make two sizes, one of your hand and the other of your child.

[Photo: My Name is Snickerdoodle]

2. Egg Carton Elves

Make decors of Santa’s little helpers with your little helpers! You can display them around your house for all your relatives to see. Besides it being a fun activity to do with your kids, you can teach them a lesson about recycling too.

[Photo: Crafty Morning]


3. Salt Dough Santa Hand Print Ornaments

This idea is totally cool if you and your kids love to have some fun in the kitchen. Get your kids involved with decorating the house and tree for Christmas by making some salt dough hand print ornaments. You know how you always put your kids’ artworks on the refrigerator? Well, for Christmas you can hang all of your kids’ salt dough ornaments around the house!

[Photo: Erin of Taking Time to Create]


4. Cardboard Village 

This is a great idea to do with your kiddos! When I was a kid, my lola took me to her friend’s house a few days before Christmas, and the first thing I saw was the Christmas village she made. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (it took up an entire side of her living room)! I got so jealous, that I made my own cardboard Christmas village at home using paint, decor, and Christmas lights. Have your kids create their own village and see how creative they get!

[Photo: Martha Stewart]


5. Coffee Filter Snow Flakes

It doesn’t snow in the Philippines, but wouldn’t it be really pretty if you and your kids put snow flakes on your windows? It’ll surely add a nice touch to all your Christmas decors! It’s going to be so fun seeing all the different patterns your kids come up with too.

[Photo: Mom.me]


6. Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament

What a fun way to add something cute and kiddie to the Christmas tree! Kids love anything and everything with googly eyes, and I’m sure your kids would love to make these fun ornaments. And if they’re super creative, I’m sure they can make more than a reindeer!

[Photo: Layla Palmer]


So what are you waiting for? Go on and have some fun with your kiddos this Christmas!


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