A BEE-tastic Birthday Bash

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of all the buzz from this party! This Winnie The Pooh inspired birthday bash sends us to the magical land of the Hundred Acre Wood, and leaves us craving for a jar of honey. A big thank you to Adrian Ardiente for this BEE-outiful set!


What we’re digging:

  • The gorgeous floral centerpieces made us just want to stop and smell the flowers! Ahhh, so gorgeous!
  • The themed food by Mesclun looks so appetizing! And we love how they incorporated Winnie the Pooh characters too.
  • Those beehive-inspired cakes are absolutely to die for! Can I have a bite, too?
  • Are you in awe of all the adorable little jars of honey to go? Because we are!

Photographer: Adrian Ardiente / Catering and Event Stylist: Mesclun / Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Sonja / Petting Zoo: Petting Zoo by Barnyard Friends On Wheels

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