15 Movies That Help Teach Your Kids Values

We live in a technological age (don’t try to deny it!). Social media, Netflix, all these other apps and games, we’re all immersed in a digital lifestyle–even our kids! They play with their ipads, watch all these TV shows, even listen to music on Spotify. And with almost everything and anything out there in media today, it’s become a necessity to censor a lot of things for our kids. Language, violence, mature themes, and bad examples are all things we want to avoid when it comes to movies, TV shows, and even video games. But hey, don’t be so gloomy yet, there are still a few golden nuggets to be found! We know kids love television (we do too!), and we know how addicting it can be. So instead of simply giving your child free reign of the remote, try to consider these 15 movies that aren’t just good movies, but can also help teach your kids some values.


Cinderella (2015) Values: Courage, Kindness "Have courage and be kind," is the resounding motto of this beautiful film.


Toy Story 2 (1999) Values: Loyalty, Friendship When Woody gets stolen by a greedy toy collector, Buzz runs to his rescue. The loyalty and friendship between these two run deep, and are great examples for your kids.


A Little Princess (1995) Values: Helping others, Compassion This classic movie creation features a heroine who, despite her horrible circumstances, still manages to think of and help others.


Monsters University (2013) Values: Teamwork, Friendship In this prequel to Monsters Inc., we see the beginning of Mike and Sulley's undeniable friendship.


Annie (2014) Values: Optimism, Resilience Whichever movie version of Annie you choose to let your kids watch, the values remain the same. Annie's sunny optimism and her resilient search for her parents warms even the coldest of hearts.


Babe (1995) Values: Politeness, Courtesy With the many movies out there today, we can still say that Babe is one of the most courteous and politest pigs we have ever seen.


Frozen (2013) Values: Sibling love, Friendship There are so many character dynamics in Frozen that can be valuable lessons for kids. The evolution of Anna and Elsa's relationship, Olaf and Anna's relationship, Anna and Kristoff's relationship, even the relationship between Kristoff and Sven!


Brave (2012) Values: Self-worth, Family relationships Being who she wants to be and being true to herself are some of Merida's finest characteristics. She knows what she wants and she'll do what it takes to get it. The relationship between Merida and her mother is another added bonus.


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) Values: Obedience, Honesty, Gratitude, Trust There are so many values that you can learn from this movie, that we had to list more than two down! Let your kids listen to the Oompa Loompas as they sing their songs. (If this movie is a bit too old for your taste, you can also check out the 2005 version too.)


The Tigger Movie (2000) Values: Family relationships, Friendship In this Winnie the Pooh spin-off, Tigger goes on a journey to find his family, not knowing that his family is right before his eyes.


Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014) Values: Helping others, Resilience Even though training to be a firefighter plane wasn't exactly his dream, Dusty Crophopper is genuinely concerned for others--a lesson worth teaching all kids everywhere!


Epic (2013) Values: Teamwork, Caring for the environment We mustn't forget to teach our kids about the environment! And Epic does a pretty good job.


The Karate Kid (2010) Values: Perseverance, Patience This cult classic may be a bit more violent (we recommend this for older kids), but its timeless lessons of perseverance and patience make it a must-watch.


Up (2009) Values: Tenacity, Friendship Russell's tenacity at the beginning of the film isn't just an example for kids, but also oh so adorable!


Charlotte's Web (2006) Values: Kindness, Self-Worth The kindness and friendship of Charlotte has captured so many hearts in the classic story by E.B. White. This movie remake only highlights this further.


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