How Can I Tell If My Kids Are Watching Too Much TV? Here Are 8 Telltale Signs

In this technological day and age, almost every household has a gadget or device. Most of us even have a variety of different ones–there’s our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and TVs to name a few. With all these gadgets around the house, it’s inevitable that our kids will become exposed to some or all of them sooner or later. But how can you tell if it’s become too much? At what time will you have to step in and put your foot down? Here are eight telltale signs that your kids have been watching too much TV.



They start becoming inactive

When you see your kids lounging on the couch in front of the television for majority of the day, then you know that it’s just too much. Kids should be playing outside! Running, going to playgrounds, biking–that’s what being a kid is all about!


They start becoming grumpy

If they’re grumpy, testy, and short-tempered, try turning off the television and finding an alternative activity to keep your kids entertained. How about reading books or painting? Try something that will engage their creativity!


They start exhibiting violent or aggressive behavior

We pretty much know that kids have mastered the art of imitation. They very easily pick up what we do, say, and how we act. So it’s not surprising that they can easily pick up aggressive behavior and violent actions too.


They start having sleeping problems

If your kids watch TV before bedtime, they can be more prone to sleeping problems because the lights and activity on the screen can overstimulate your kids’ brains. You might want to consider changing their watching time.


They start having problems focusing

Having the TV on in the background isn’t exactly a good thing. While you might use it to fill in the silence, it can actually hamper your kids’ development and disrupt their attention.


Their social skills are lacking

TVs aren’t people. They don’t talk, react, or respond. So if your kids are glued to the screen, where will they learn how to socialize? If your kids take a while responding to you or other people around them, then it’s probably time to intervene.


They start talking back

There are a lot of characters, even in kids’ shows, that are sassy and irreverent. But though we might find it funny, it isn’t something we want our kids to pick up.


They start asking for things

Kids aren’t immune to commercials and advertisements. And when they start asking you for the latest toy they saw on TV, you might want to consider giving the TV some time off.


Now that you know the telltale signs, what are you going to do about it? If you’re looking around for some help, you can check out these tips for breaking the TV habit!


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