Your Hubby Will Feel Extra Special Once He Hears These 5 Things From You

Moms, we all know that communication is a central, integral, critical, and basically, very important part of every relationship. You have to communicate schedules (like who’s picking up whom from school, who’s going to take care of the baby while the other tries to rest for a couple of minutes) and your everyday news (like what happened at work and what relative did this). But in between all the things we have to communicate with our spouses, we mustn’t forget the happy, mushy, and yes, cheesy things that (even though they’re cheesy) will definitely make our hubbies feel extra special. And since we discussed the 5 compliments that every wife should hear, we made sure that we made a version for the hubbies, too!  Here are five things to tell him that will make him feel special:

Baby and Breakfast: Feels, Love and Relationships Your Hubby Will Feel Extra Special Once He Hears These 5 Things From You


1. Tell him you appreciate him

Being the head of the family is one of the most important roles of your hubby. Tell him how much you admire his ability in guiding your little squad. Whether it be in the small or big things, it’s good that he knows that you trust him for leading your family through thick and thin.


2.  Acknowledge his everyday efforts

Even if we’re “super moms”, we have to admit that we still need our supermen to help us. That’s why it’s essential to let your husband know that you appreciate the little things that he does everyday. Whether it’s driving your kids to school or carrying the groceries from the car, these little things matter to you and your family, and his efforts don’t go unnoticed.


3. Say “thank you” for his hard work

Let’s be honest, providing for the family isn’t a walk in the park. So, don’t forget to show gratitude for his efforts in providing for your family. Make him feel special by encouraging his strengths and complimenting his incredible work ethic. He works hard to give the best to you and your kids, so even a little “thank you” can go a long way!


4. Remind him that you love being his wife

Tell him why you married him, and why you’re proud to be his wife. Compliment his character, and reassure him that no matter how hard life gets, you’ll be right there, by his side. As cheesy as this sounds, he will be secretly “kilig” with this heartfelt phrase because he knows that you love being his number one.


5. Let him know that he’s a great father

The best way to show appreciation to your husband is by reminding him that he’s doing a great job as a dad. Tell him that you feel this overwhelming joy when he teaches your son how to play ball or when he plays dolls with your daughter. This phrase will surely motivate him even more, to become the best example to your little ones.

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