Here’s What I Learned from Many a Tooth Brush Battle

Getting ready for bed can be a precious time you and your kids share together. Reading a storybook, saying a nightly prayer, even giving them a bath (with a lot of help from bath toys) can be fun. But when it comes to brushing teeth, here’s where you take one side of the bathroom and the kids take the other side (with their arms crossed and their mouths closed tight). That’s right, the ritual has gone from getting-ready-for-bed good vibes to an outright battle royale! Okay, while it might not be like this for all moms, I’ve had enough tooth brushing battles to come up with some helpful tips that can help make brushing teeth easier for all of you!

Here's What I Learned from Many A Tooth Brush Battle Photo: Pietro Jeng


Tip #1: Use an electric toothbrush.

Why? Can’t I use a normal toothbrush? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a normal toothbrush, but an electric toothbrush actually does the brushing for you. (So I’m a little lazy… it ain’t a crime, right?) You don’t need to move your hand in a circular motion, you don’t have to worry about missing a few nicks and crannies–the electric toothbrush handles all of that for you! How cool is that? (Okay, I’m very lazy.)


Tip #2: Use edible toothpaste or tooth mousse.

One of the things I always used to shout while brushing the kids’ teeth: “Don’t swallow the toothpaste!!!” You don’t want them swallowing or digesting anything that isn’t edible or supposed to be swallowed. Ease your anxieties by getting your kids edible toothpaste or tooth mousse. You can even choose flavors you know your kids will love!


Tip #3: Brush their teeth when they're lying down.

Huh? Lying down? Yes, having your kids on their backs (on their beds) is actually one of the best vantage points for brushing teeth. You can see all the teeth you have to clean, without the pain of crouching.


Tip #4: Use a spray bottle when it's time to rinse.

If you’re carrying your kids to the sink when it’s time to rinse their mouths, that means you’re already one arm and hand down. Then you have to try to cup some water in your hand and bring your hand to your kids’ mouths to try and make them gargle the little water that is left. Try using a spray bottle instead of your hand. You’ll definitely get water in their mouths–just make sure the spray isn’t that strong, so your kids won’t get hurt.


Tip #5: Make it fun.

Bath time isn’t so bad because our kids have bath toys. If bath time can be fun, brushing teeth can be fun too, right? Definitely! You can sing songs to keep your kids occupied, or even have a game where you count how many teeth your kids have. There are no rigid rules when it comes to having fun, so be creative!


Bonus Tip: Use floss picks.

If you wanna take tooth care to the next level, and really want to get rid of all the extra food, you might want to use floss picks to make your life easier. Floss picks are like tooth picks with an already threaded piece of floss at the head. So instead of having to wrap a string of floss around your hands, all you have to do with a floss pick is hold it and push the thread through the teeth. So easy!


So that’s it moms! All my little tips to help end the toothbrush battle. (Or if you must have a battle, at least help you win.) Good luck mommas!


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