Why Reading Aloud Should Be A Thing

Do you remember being read to as a child? You know, the times when you’d snuggle up beside mom or dad and listen as she or he read you your favorite story? Not only were those great memories, but they’re actually pretty important too–whether we knew it or not. While reading is an important skill we want our kids to learn, reading aloud is also an important habit that’s beneficial to your kids. Not convinced yet? Read on for our six reasons why reading aloud should be a thing.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenting Why Reading Aloud Should Be A Thing


It greatly aids in their language development.

And when we say language development, we actually mean a whole list of things like: expanding vocabulary, improving conversational skills, fluency, and pronunciation, strengthening sentence construction, sharpening comprehension, and assisting speech.


It lengthens their attention span.

It’s natural for our kids to have a short attention span. (One moment we’re talking to them, and the next moment, they’re already playing with their toys.) But reading aloud to your kids (especially if it’s a story they like) is one way to help them really focus on one thing for a period of time. Besides attention span, reading aloud helps with kids’ retention and memory too.


It improves listening skills.

We don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s like our kids don’t even hear us! Maybe it’s selective hearing or they’re just having too much fun when we try to talk to them, but reading aloud is actually one way to help improve listening skills. When you read aloud to your kids, they are forced to listen. There are no distractions of moving images or background music, it’s just your voice. Maybe your kids will become used to listening to you during story time that even outside story time, it’ll be easier to get them to listen to you. Fingers crossed!


It strengthens imagination.

Another reason to read aloud is that it gives your kids the space to imagine. If they were reading on their own, they’d have a harder time because they’d be focusing on the letters and the words of the book. At least if you read to them, then all they have to focus on is your voice and the story–here’s their chance for their imaginations to run free.


It gives them a chance to learn.

Choose to read aloud books that will teach your kids something. Books about colors, shapes, numbers, and values will not only be fun reads but educational and informative too!


It's bonding time for all of you.

Don’t forget that reading aloud to your kids is also a fun and enjoyable experience for all of you. It’s bonding time that is sacred and irreplaceable. If you remember those reading moments with your own parents, then your kids will definitely remember the new memories you’ll make reading together.


Are you convinced yet? Let us know in the comments below! But with this much to be learned, we’ll be rushing to read to our kids once we get home!


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