12 Things To Add To Your Kids’ Dream Playroom

In the world of kids, playing is no joke. It’s what their lives revolve around. Whether it’s out in the garden, in the park, or indoors, playtime is a serious matter that both kids and moms shouldn’t take for granted. And while kids are happy to be playing in their playrooms (or anywhere, really), we’ve rounded up 12 things you can add to your (and your kids’) ultimate dream playroom. Trust us, your kids will love them!


Model Remodel

Slides are always such great fun–and they come in different sizes and colors too! Plus, it’s a lot easier for kids to just slide down than pass the stairs.


Rock Climbing Wall
Linc Thelen Design

How cool would it be to have a rock climbing wall in your kids’ playroom? We know we would be ecstatic! What more the kids?


Sotheby’s International Realty

Whether it’s a classic Victorian house or a cool tree house, your kids will have loads of fun, they won’t want to leave! Just you wait and see!


Secret Passage or Room

You know the secret passage to the land of Narnia? And what about those hidden rooms behind a bookshelf in movies? The mystery and the secrecy of it is what makes having them so fun. Don’t you agree?



All your kids, no matter their ages, will love a swing set. You just never get too old for them!


Christopher Frederick Jones

Playrooms don’t always have to be just for play. With a library, their playroom can also be the place your kids go to when they need some quiet time or just want to read.


Pottery Barn

Girls and boys can play chef in this amazing dream kitchen. Yes, we know it’s not real, but boy are we jealous!


The Handmade Home

Teepees are all the rage now! Not only are they a popular decorative item, they’re also a cool space for the kids. Who knows? They might even want to take their naps in their teepees!


Ferris Wheel
Nice Decors

Now, now, we’re not talking about the huge Ferris Wheels you see at amusement parks. (That’s just a tad too much.) We love how this Ferris Wheel was used to keep toys! What a brilliant idea!


Mini Football Field
Nice Decors

Here’s a way to keep the kids active! Install a mini football field in their playroom, and they can play any time they want. Think about it, even if it rains, they can still play!


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