Baby and Breakfast Exclusive: Scarlet Snow Belo’s 2nd Birthday Party

Let’s cut to the chase. I will just go right ahead and say, Scarlet Snow Belo just had the most epic (as well as prettiest) party ever! Baby and Breakfast was granted exclusive coverage to this adorable darling’s party, and we worked with Happy Folks Studio to capture some of the highlights. The adorable birthday girl (in a custom-made Mischka Aoki dress that was so dreamy BTW!), together with her parents Dr. Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicki Belo, threw a birthday celebration that will definitely be a memorable one for the family and friends who were there!

My kids and I loved it so much, I’ve rounded up a few reasons why her party was pretty much rocking’!


1. Her parents made sure it was intimate and special.

A lot of people know this family, but they decided to make the celebration as personal as possible. Hayden and Vicki gathered those near and dear to their family. They valued giving Scarlet an experience with friends and loved ones. Oh and we loved the idea that instead of getting a party host, her sister Cristalle took care of leading the program! She did such a great job with the kiddos too.



2. It was all about Scarlet having a fun time with her little guests.

We know that Snowy Bear loves her tunes. And it was a brilliant idea to have Kindermusik Philippines lead the activities. With instruments left and right, the kids moved, sang, and danced to great songs. I admit, even I started dancing along with some other moms too! The children also had a blast watching cute puppies perform tricks, as well as a bubble show!


3. This family knew how to throw a good gathering–pleasantly pretty as well as comfortable.

If anyone could do pink and pretty, it would be Barbie Pardo–one of the most chic party stylists in the country. What we totally dig about the styling though, is that it felt very relaxed but still gorgeous. Just look at those flowers by Robert Blancaflor! Couple that with the yummiest snack bars, and that’s a recipe for a good afternoon. I mean come on! Who says no to fries, nachos, and corn dogs? The cotton candy by Pouf Cotton Candy Art was a huge hit for the kids and kids at heart! Hayden, Vicki and Scarlet made sure the whole afternoon was spent enjoying the delicious food and the fun company.


Oh, and the kids (or should I say the moms. LOL!) even got some treats from Belo Baby, an organic baby product line that was initially inspired and created for Scarlett as well.

Happiest birthday again to you Scarlet Snow, you are loved!


Coverage Partner Photographer: Happy Folks Studio / Styling: Barbie Pardo / Venue: Whitespace Manila / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Official Event Photographer: Pram and Cradle, Elvin Vivas / Flowers: Robert Blancaflor / Souvenirs: Instamug / Cotton Candy: Pouf Cotton Candy Art / Kiddie Program: Kindermusik / Dress: Mischka Aoki / Food: Florabel


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