6 Elements of a Cool and Fun Birthday Party

When it comes to planning our kids’ birthday parties, there’s always one end goal in mind: It has to be fun!!! Right? No one wants a boring birthday party! You want your kids (and their guests) to remember how much fun they had. So, if you’re looking to add a little oomph and a lot of fun to your next kid’s birthday party, we’ve got the lowdown for you.


Have a theme.
A. Photo: Delightful Little Darlings, Party: All Aboard Tomas Express | B. Photo: Mhel Mesa Photography, Party: Luke’s Camping Bonanza | C. Photo: Harry Lim Photography, Party: Sweet Little Baker

Not only are themed parties cool, but they give parties a consistency, organization, and structure. Once, you’ve settled on a specific theme, then you can worry about things like invitations, food, and decor.


Let the theme dictate your decor.
A. Photo: Party Deco, Party: Cheerful Carnival | B. Photo: Delightful Little Darlings, Party: Cheers to Cowboy Kyle | C. Photo: Pinwheel Crafts & Events, Party: A Tangled Tale

While shopping for decor can be fun, always try to stick to your theme. So, if you spy a cute teepee but are having a fiesta-themed party, the teepee might just confuse your guests. (Maybe next time, teepee!)


Plan out your menu.
A. Photo: Adrian Ardiente, Party: A BEE-tastic Birthday Bash | B. Photo: Adrian Ardiente, Party: A BEE-tastic Birthday Bash | C. Photo: Little J Photography, Party: Forever Frozen | D. Photo: Delightful Little Darlings, Party: Reesechella’s 7th Birthday Bash!

Whether you get a caterer or intend to cook up a storm in your own kitchen, planning out the menu ahead of time is always a good idea–that way you can always make some changes if the produce isn’t available. Bonus tip: You can also make the food match your theme (e.g. Mexican food for a fiesta).


Make sure you have dessert.
A. Photo: Yellow Tie Photography, Party: Huxley’s Great Feast | B. Photo: Little Big Stories Studio, Party: Lady Madeline | C. Photo: Delightful Little Darlings, Party: Sea Splashin’

Yes, momma, dessert is a MUST. What kid doesn’t like dessert? Of course there’s the cake that they will blow, but you can also have a dessert bar laden with cookies (kids love decorated cookies!), brownies, even ice cream, and make your own s’mores! Oh dear, I’m already salivating just thinking about it!


Think of fun games and activities.
A. Photo: Cradles, Party: Dreamcatchers Galore! | B. Photo: Sugarpuff Photography, Party: Precious Peppa Pig | C. Photo: Cradles, Party: Dreamcatchers Galore!

Part of the fun in parties comes from the games and activities that you have. You can go all out by hiring magicians, cartoonists, and clowns, or you can actually just host the games yourself! And if you’re running out of ideas, talk to your child about it–he or she might actually have some good ideas you can use.


Don't forget the loot.
A. Photo: Little Big Stories, Party: Blissful Bohemian | B. Photo: Cradles, Party: Dreamcatchers Galore! | C. Photo: Cradles, Party: Adriana’s Hello Kitty World

If you want people to remember a party, then you can’t forget about the giveaways. Loot bags, food, or something they can use, don’t be afraid to be creative! The more creative you are, the more the guests will love it!


So there you have it, moms–our cheat sheet to planning an awesome birthday party! Are you ready to plan a super cool and fun party? We know you are!


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