How to Make Chores Fun for Your Kids

Whenever we say the dreaded line, “Okay kids, it’s time to do chores,” we’re usually met either with groans, moans, whining, or the timely, “I need to go to the bathroom, mom.” Can you relate? Of course you can! Because this is real life, and nobody likes chores. We don’t even like it, so how can we expect our kids to like it, right? Unfortunately for us (and our kids), doing chores not only disciplines our kids but also teaches them how to be responsible (plus, it keeps the house clean too). But what if we told you that there are ways to make chores (sorta, kinda) fun? Now, you can say goodbye to the moans and groans, and your kids will probably feel the need to go to the bathroom less.

How To Make Chores Fun For Your Kids Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood


1 Give age-appropriate tasks/chores

This is very important. You can’t expect three year olds to be able to sweep and mop the floor, right? They’ll only get frustrated and angry. Some kids don’t like chores because the chores they do aren’t chores they can do well yet. So make sure that the tasks you give your kids are chores that they can do. (Maybe you can let your three year old pack away his toys instead.)


2 Have a chore list

Whether you’re a kid or not, there’s always a feeling of accomplishment when you get to tick off something from a list. You can write out chore lists for your kids or even have them write their chore contributions; and when they finish each task, they can check or place a sticker on the boxes. They’ll really feel like they achieved something!


3 Spin the Wheel of Chores

You can also make a wheel with your kids’ names on them, and every time they spin it, it will land on a certain chore. Or if making a wheel sounds just a bit too complicated, you can always stick to the Chore Jar. All you have to do is write down chores on pieces of paper, put them in a jar, and voila!


4 Play against time

“Okay kids, you have ten minutes to clean your rooms. Ready, set, go!” Trust us, they’ll get fired up and start cleaning ASAP.


5 Make it a competition

You can have a Cleanest Room Contest or even Who Cleans Better: Kids or Mom?. Competition is a surprisingly good motivator.


6 Have a scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? Give each child a basket and have them hunt around the house for toys and other things that don’t belong in their proper places.


7 Play pretend

Cleaning up doesn’t have to strictly be just about cleaning up. You can play dress up, and pretend Superman and Cinderella are saving the city (which is really their bedroom) from a giant slob monster!


8 Play upbeat music

Whether they’re packing away their toys or sweeping the floor, music always makes anything livelier!


9 Do chores with them

Yes, that’s right, we moms can bring the fun too! There’s nothing more convincing for our kids than seeing us doing chores and having fun too!


10 Thank and praise them

At the end of the day, even just a small smile of thanks and a few words of praise will make your kids feel that all the chores they’ve done are worth it! Good job!


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