9 Times Olivia Manzano-Reyes’ 2nd Birthday Bash Gave Us Ultimate #PartyGoals

Last week, Olivia Manzano-Reyes celebrated her second birthday with a “Party Animal” theme, and we are totally digging the whole party! Here are nine reasons why this bash gave us ultimate #PartyGoals.



1. There was a petting zoo

Kids + adorable animals = cuteness overload!!!


2. Guests were encouraged to bring their own pets…

The party stayed true to its “Party Animal” theme by encouraging the guests to bring their pets to the celebration. If you could bring your own pets to a party, wouldn’t you love it?


3. … And even adopt animals!

Yup! You could choose between a chick, rabbit, or hamster!


4. The food looked too pretty to eat!

Can we have a slice of that adorable cake please?


5. Speaking of food, they had a cupcake decorating booth too!

You could decorate your cupcake, and eat it too!


6. The venue was a perfect place for a fun celebration

The Palace Pool Club was a great location for Baby O’s celebration cause it had spacious outdoor area where both kids and adults could roam around and have some fun!


7. The kids were able to swim and beat the summer heat!

Yup, they sure had a fun time with those cute floaters!


8. Oh, and they had a mini city play area for the little ones!

Yaaas! Look at that mini police station and restaurant. We bet the kids had a blast playing pretend!


9. The top notch “Party Animal” theme!

Since Mommy Andi and Daddy GP decided to stick to a Safari animal vibe, they made sure that this year’s theme would look more livelier and vibrant. And it sure didn’t disappoint!


Can’t get enough of this adorable bash? Check out Olivia’s birthday video by Little Big Day Films!


Photographer: Mayad Beginnings / Videographer: Little Big Day Films / Event Organizer: Chinkie Uy and Trina Milan of Babyscape / Event Stylist: Teddy Manuel / Venue: The Palace Pool Club / Olivia’s Dress: Little Miss Aoki and Babyjane.ph / Catering: Little K Parties by  K. by Cunanan Catering / Cake: Cakeshop by Sonja / Dessert table: One Sweet Day and  Doughmesticph / Drinks: Vita Coco / Food Carts by Spud BudsStephen’s Brick Oven Pizza, and Krispy Kreme Philippines / Activities: Regine’s Home Baked Goodies and Kids Party House / Giveaways: Arteegram Manila, Honest JunkBath OriginsBottled Up PHChunkyChewelries, and Cradle Natural

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