6 Vacation Homes to Rent Under ₱5,000

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time online trying to look for the cheap deals and budget-friendly places to go to. So, with the help of Airbnb, I was able to find a whole lot of vacation homes you and your entire family can go to. And hey, they’re all under ₱5,000! (Just because you hear the word ‘vacation,’ doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot.) You can spend quality time with your family without having to worry about spending too much!

6 Vacation Homes to Rent Under ₱5,000


3 Bedroom Condo Unit in Baguio

Rate: ₱4,014/night

This place is close to the city center, parks, and has great views.


2 Bedroom House in Baguio

Rate: ₱3,011/night

This family-friendly house even has a grilling station and a veranda!


Mertola's in Batangas

Rate: ₱4,516/night

The pool and outdoor area are what make this place perfect for a family getaway.


Vivaldi's Guesthouse in Los Banos

Rate: ₱4,115/night

Small families will be comfortable in this spacious 2 bedroom guesthouse.


Condo Unit in Nasugbu

Rate: ₱4,516/night

This place is just a short walk away from the beach in Pico de Loro.


A Scandinavian-Inspired Unit in Tagaytay

Rate: ₱2,007/night

The decor and theme of this place are what make it so cool. Oh, and the pool is a huge plus too!


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