6 Simple Joys of Breastfeeding That Every Mom Can Relate To

There are days when breastfeeding becomes challenging. Sometimes, it gets frustrating when you can’t find the right position to feed, or when your breasts start to become sore and painful. Or, when you leak milk even when you’re not nursing!

But aside from these struggles, you know deep down that you’ll miss it—especially the little things! Here are a few simple joys that you experience when you nurse your little one.


When that first latch makes you feel like everything was worth it

Somehow, all the hours of labor was worth it because of that first latch—the first instance when you feel the closeness of your baby reaching out to your breast, and you feel that you’re “linking” with your baby. It’s a connection that only you as a mother can have with your child.


When your baby stares at you, and all of a sudden it feels like your life is complete

Yes, those cute little eyes will surely make your stress go away (especially when you meet eye to eye). Plus, their tiny hands give a tender touch that is worth more than a million.


When your little one falls asleep, and you just sit in place, and watch him or her carefully

Yes, “breastsleeping” may be a bit challenging (especially if you have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night). However, there’s this calming feeling of watching them nurse while they’re asleep. It’s like you’re at peace because your milk is the answer to their cries.


When you understand that you are a healthy channel to your baby’s nutrition 

You’re double checking ingredients, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy food because you are the source of your baby’s food, and being able to be that healthy channel is so fulfilling. And even though it may take a little more time and effort, you know it’s worth it.


When you realize what you can do (and will do) 

Nurturing your little one doesn’t stop in your womb. It actually continues once you breastfeed, because your breast milk has natural chemicals to keep your baby healthy and strong. The realization that you’re sustaining another human being is what makes you a superwoman.


Most of all, knowing that the bond that you have with your baby will be cherished forever

The solo time you have with your baby while nursing is probably the most incredible feeling in the world. You create this unbreakable bond. It’s like you and your little one have your own sacred time together that can’t be replaced with anyone or anything, and that is pure bliss.


Can you relate to these six simple moments, momma? Comment down below, and let us know what you think are the joys of breastfeeding! 


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