6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Kindergarten

One of the characteristics that every mom has is the ability to think ahead. When the kids are in their last month of school, you’re already thinking about their summer activities. And during the summer, you’re already thinking about school again! So even though summer is only halfway through, their education has probably popped up in your head at least once, right? If your kids are already enrolled for the next school year, then kudos to you momma! But if you’re still weighing your options, don’t fret, we’re here to help you! Read on to find out the six things you need to consider when choosing a kindergarten for your child.


1 Child's Needs

Before anything else, consider your child’s needs. Do you think your child needs a structured learning environment or one that fosters independence? Do you think your child needs a kindergarten to challenge his or her gifted mind? Or does he or she need a nurturing environment? These things are a big factor when it comes to choosing a kindergarten.


2 Educational Philosophy

Another important thing to consider is the kindergarten’s educational philosophy. Does the school share the same views on education and raising children as you? What about values? Do you want a kindergarten whose educational philosophy is centered on child-directed activities like the Montessori philosophy or one that focuses on creative play like the Waldorf approach? These are important questions to ask yourself when your child’s future is at stake.


3 Curriculum

What are they going to teach your child? Is the kindergarten more maths and science focused? Or arts focused? Are you looking for something that places an equal emphasis on play and study or not? Is the curriculum traditional and subject-based or more thematic and multidisciplinary? Checking the kindergarten’s curriculum will really help answer these questions.


4 Teachers

Teachers are important considerations because these will be the people who will be spending time with your child. Are they friendly? Do you think your child will get along with them? Different kindergartens place teachers in different roles. For example in Reggio Emilia schools, teachers are observers, whereas in kindergartens that follow a Montessori approach, teachers are facilitators. When you visit a kindergarten, you can ask to sit in in one of the classes or set appointments to talk to some teachers.


5 Location

This is another important factor to consider. Do you want your child’s kindergarten to be near your house? Near your office? Whether you’re based in the North or South, there are many, many options for kindergartens. Think about how your child will get to and from school everyday, and how you will coordinate drop off and pick up times with your and your hubby’s schedule.


6 Price

Let’s be honest. Prices for kindergartens are very varied, and the most expensive kindergarten doesn’t always mean that it’s the best one. You’ll want to make sure that the amount you’ll be paying is worth it, and of course, within your budget.


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