8 Kids that Have the Cutest Pajama Outfits

Looking at adorable kids in their just as adorable outfits is something we love doing here at Baby and Breakfast. They always manage to brighten up our day. We’ve already looked at their summer OOTDs, and today we’re looking at pajamas! We don’t know how the babies and the kids do it, but they somehow make sleep wear look so cute. Check out our list of kids that look totally cute even while sleeping–trust us, it’ll brighten up your day for sure!

8 Kids That Have The Cutest Pajama Outfits


1. Archie Burnand

What can we say? That printed cat and dog onesie is sooooo cute!!!


2. Scarlet Snow Belo

This little darling makes polka dots look totally adorable!


3. Primo Arellano

It’s Kermit the Frog! And can we just say that he is the cutest Kermit the Frog we’ve ever seen!


4. Olivia Manzano-Reyes

Here’s another set of pajamas with printed animals on them! Baby O definitely knows how to sleep in style!


5. Braeden Dee


Okay, so even if you can’t see so much of the pajamas, we couldn’t help but add this to our list. Isn’t Braeden just adorable in this pic?


6. Seve Soriano

With his all-white onesie, baby Seve looks so comfy and warm–not to mention oh-so-cute!


7. Kendra and Scarlett Kramer

These girls take pajamas to a whole new level! Just look at their sheer nighties with the pink bows–we wish we could wear them too!


8. Sebastian and Maximilian Crespi

Awww, Sebastian and Maximilian are matching! They even have matching furry hats with mommy!


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