6 Tips to Help Prepare Your Kids for the Back to School Season

June is fast approaching and you know what that means mommas–the school season! While you may be ready with the school supplies and the planned after-school activities, your little ones on the other hand, might not be willing to give up their summer. So I’ll let you in on a little secret: You have to start preparing them early. The more prepared you and your kids are, the easier those first few weeks of school will be for all of you. So, read on, to find out what you have to do!

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1 Get everyone back on their school schedule

That means bedtime and mealtimes! Now that it’s summer, it’s okay if the kids go to bed later than their usual bedtime. Their mealtimes might also vary with all their summer activities. But to make back to school easier for all of you, start incorporating their school bedtime and mealtimes about two weeks before school starts. Think of it as a practice run–so that when they do start school, they’ll be used to waking up and eating at the proper times.


2 Buy school supplies with them

Who doesn’t like new things? Get your kids excited for school by making them choose their notebooks, pencils, crayons, and all the other school supplies they need.


3 Start exercising their brains

It’s natural for the brain to slow down when you’re not using it. And let’s face it, who thinks of maths and sciences during summer, right? (Even we don’t!) But it would be nice to start brushing up on the basics with your kids. You can encourage them to read books and play educational games with the family.


4 Turn off the TV and computer

Your kids might be surprised by how little TV and computer time they’ll have once school starts. Slowly wean them off the electronics, so they don’t miss the TV and computer once school starts.


5 Create a homework station

Show your kids that you’re ready for the school season by creating a homework station for them. You can put a simple desk and chairs in a corner, you can place some of the new materials you bought together on the desk, and you can even have to do lists and clipboards ready too!


6 Have a back to school party

We obviously love parties here, so why not have a back to school party? This is definitely one way to get your kids excited for school. It doesn’t have to be grand or heavily planned and decorated–throw in some good food and educational games, and you’re set. And hey, you can even give¬†school supplies as prizes!


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