A Chic Fashion Show Party For Bianca and Julia

Hey folks, how’s your Monday going so far? If you need a dose of pretty and fun to brighten up your day, then don’t go anywhere. Today, we’re featuring a super stylish joint celebration–so get ready to have some fun! Sisters Bianca and Julia had a fashion show birthday party, and we’re so thrilled with how the celebration turned out! View these photographs by Cradles right now to see what we’re talking about!

What we’re digging:

  • Having a fashion show at the party is such a cool idea for the program. It can also serve as a bonding experience for your little ones!
  • I can’t get enough of the pastel hues of the party! It’s so perfect for a dainty celebration.
  • Don’t you think that cake looks amazing? It’s fit the theme so well!

Photographer: Cradles / Stylist: Sugar and Sunbeams


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