Here Are Some of Our Favorite On-Screen Moms

Over the weekend, I was able to binge watch some of my favorite shows and movies (yes, miraculously, I had a lot of time on my hands), and I couldn’t help but notice that most of my favorite characters aren’t the heroes or the heroines, they’re actually (you guessed it!) the moms! These moms may be supporting characters, but they are totally amazing in their own right! By the end of the weekend, I couldn’t help but wish I was one of their kids, or at least, that I become like them someday. So here’s a list of some of my and my co-workers’ favorite on-screen moms!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Here Are Some of Our Favorite On-Screen Moms


Kristina Braverman
Parenthood Wiki

Kristina is like THE supermom! She raised three kids (one who had Aspergers), survived cancer, ran for mayor, and put up her own school for special children. Is there anything this woman can’t do???


Molly Weasley
Harry Potter Wiki

Taking care of seven magical children? Piece of cake. Fighting the Death Eaters? No problem. Molly can do it all!


Lorelai Gilmore

We all think that Lorelai is a pretty cool mom. And her mother-daughter relationship with Rory is definitely one we all want!


Maria Von Trapp

When you can teach seven kids how to sing, as well as take them all around scenic Salzburg, then you’ll probably make it to our list too.


Jessica Huang

No one messes with this tiger mom! We love how even though she may be strict at times, she’ll always put her boys and husband first. (Plus, she’s funny too!)


Peg Boggs
Rotten Tomatoes

Not everyone will be able to take in someone with scissor hands, but this wonderful woman didn’t even think twice about it!


Carol Brady
OC Register

This mom makes raising kids look waaay too easy! From raising her own kids to taking care of her stepsons, we can’t help but admire this wonder momma!



For some reason, Claire always looks as cool as a cucumber–even while juggling work and trying to take care of three kids (and a child-like husband).


Sarah Connor
Terminator Wiki

Sarah makes motherhood look pretty cool. But no one can deny that she’ll do anything and everything for her son, and for that we applaud her!


Becky Katsopolis

Becky is the ultimate role model–loving, caring, understanding, compassionate, and hard working. She’s #MommaGoals, and we wanna be just like her when we grow up!


Leigh Anne Tuohy
Us Weekly

Taking in a stranger, and turning him into a football star is only one reason we love Leigh Anne. (P.S. – We also love her style!)


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