The Emotional Stages of Sending Your Kids to School

The first day of school is always a big day–for both the kids and parents! From waking up (late!) and preparing the kids’ meals, to getting to school on time and watching them walk to class, it’s a roller coaster of emotions that’s for sure. Today, we broke down the entire ‘journey’ into 15 emotional stages. Ready to find out what they are? Scroll down below, and see if you can relate!

Baby and Breakfast: Feels and Humor The Emotional Stages of Sending Your Child to School


1. Anxiety – “Oh no, what time is it? I woke up late!!!”

2. Stress – “What do I prepare for baon???”

3. Anticipation – “I can’t wait to have the house to myself…”

4. Worry – “What time is it? Where are the kids???”

5. Frustration – In bed, of course. “Kids, wake up!!!”

6. More anxiety – “Do they have everything? Did I forget to pack them something?”

7. Doubt – In reply to the kids saying they didn’t forget anything, “Oh really.”

8. Impatience – “We’re going to be late! Everyone, in the car, let’s go!”

9. Excitement – While in the car on the way to school, “Just think of all the new friends you’ll make this school year!”

10. Nervousness – In your head, “Oh no, what if they don’t make any friends?”

11. Confidence – “Oh but they will make friends!”

12. Pride – When you all arrive in one piece, “We did it! We got to school on time!”

13. Longing – After the kids get down from the car and start walking away, “I already miss them…”

14. Confusion – “Wait, what???”

15. Relief – When you get home to an empty house, “Alone. At last.”


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