Things I Wish They Sold in the Supermarket

While being a mom is one of the best things in the world, it can also be frustrating. All the times your kids won’t listen to you, or the times when they lose something and ask for your help (but it’s right in front of their eyes). Sometimes, I just wish I could buy some of these products from the supermarket and use them on my kids.

Baby and Breakfast: Feels and Humor Things I Wish They Sold in the Supermarket


Please Stop Whining Toothpaste This toothpaste is not only minty fresh but whiney fresh! Keep the "But mom..." and "I don't wanna" comments at bay with this toothpaste.

Listen to Me Cotton Buds Are your kids not listening to you again? These cotton buds are your answer! Stick 'em in gently, wait for a few seconds, and voila, they'll listen to your every word!

Calm Down Body Lotion Perfect for the super hyper toddler who can't keep still. This lotion will have your child relaxed in just a few seconds--guaranteed!

Just Do It! Saltine Crackers Take these yummy crackers out every time one of the kids doesn't want to do homework or groans before doing chores. Watch, they'll be so eager to do anything!

I Found It! Body Soap Are your kids always losing things? Use this liberally with your kids, and "Mom, do you know where my..." will turn to "I found it!"

Temper Tantrum Repellent Stickers Going out with your kids? Don't forget to stick these repellent stickers on their clothes. They'll be sweet, little darlings the whole day!

Yes, the kids can be frustrating (so much so that it led me to wish these products existed!). But at the end of the day, we mustn’t forget that despite everything, they’re the ones who make us laugh and love them all the more.


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