Here’s What Every Breastfeeding Wife Wants From Her Husband

While your husband may not experience the same challenges that you’re going through, he still plays a vital role in your breastfeeding journey. Having his support can make a huge difference when you breastfeed. And since it’s essential to involve him, we decided to make an article that can help him help you in your breastfeeding journey. So read through our points below, and don’t forget to tag your husbands! After all, breastfeeding is not only one parent’s decision.


Usually, a breastfeeding mom gets thirsty or hungry after nursing. She’s also usually in one position to help the baby latch, so it’s pretty hard for her to move. You can help by giving her a glass of water to hydrate herself, or ask her if she wants a snack since her hands are probably full, taking care of the baby.


When it’s past midnight, and your baby cries, take the initiative to get up and try to soothe your little one or ask how you can help. While it’s important that she nurses on demand in order to keep her supply going, fatigue can affect milk supply. A little support and show of team work can help her feel like she can do it, despite the fatigue.


She’ll definitely appreciate it if you help your older kids with their homework or school projects while she’s busy nursing. Most kids tend to ask for mom’s assistance, so jumping in to handle your kids’ concerns is a really big help. Plus points if you also volunteer for some of the chores at home, too!


Having a conversation where she can share with you her journey is such an emotional relief. Sometimes she just needs someone to listen. If she cries or shares her struggles, assure her that you are proud of her, and that you are with her all the way.


Encouraging words mean the world to her right now. Although you probably won’t understand every emotion she is going through, all she needs to know is that you are with her in this journey. Remind her of how beautiful she is, or how you really look up to her for choosing to breastfeed. These simple words will help her win the daily challenges, and enjoy the victories of breastfeeding.


The first few months of breastfeeding is a challenge. In fact, chance are it has taken over her daily schedule. Show some appreciation by surprising her with something. Whether it’s flowers and a thank you card, or a planned trip that she can look forward to when both your schedules will permit traveling–sweet gestures can go a long way. We’ve heard of push presents, why not have breastfeeding gifts too?


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