Here’s What Your Child Really Wants From You

Usually, we think that new toys, clothes, or gadgets are the way to our children’s hearts. But aside from these material things, our children long for something deeper to strengthen our bonds with them. Read on to find out the six things that your children really want from you.


For you to listen to their stories

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How you respond to their stories is the most important thing! Focus on what they’re talking about, whether if it’s about what they learned at school, or the new friend that they just met. Once you let them know that you’re listening, they’ll feel like you have their attention and you’re not tuning them out.


Hugs and kisses

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Affection is one of the most important aspects of your relationship with your little one. A tight hug before sleeping or a kiss in the morning can symbolize security, love, and trust. Plus, touch is said to lower stress levels and even increase the amount of dopamine (the hormone of happiness) for you and your kids. So that means more cuddles–because this also strengthens your bond as parent and child.


For you to take time off for them

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Remember: Your time with them cannot be replaced. So always make it a point that you spend solo time with each of your kids despite your busy schedules. Quality time always matters to your children because you’re making them know that they are valued and loved.


For you to play their favorite games with them

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Sounds simple, right? But you know, these little things mean the most to them. Whether it be through a game app or a new toy, make sure you spend time playing with your little one. Through this act, you’re showing that you’re trying to have fun and you’re interested in what they like.


For you to tell them that you love them

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Honestly, it’s great to know how someone truly feels about you. When you tell your child, “I love you,” you’re making them know that they are special and valued. And you’re establishing a loving relationship with them that they will cherish forever.


For you to be their example


No parent is perfect. However, we must always remember that children tend to follow by example. That is why it’s important that as parents, we are their guides in helping them become the person that they will grow up to be.


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