Here Are Some of Our Favorite Party Themes So Far

I won’t lie, I see a LOT of parties everyday. I’ve seen parties with movie or book themes, I’ve seen pirates and princess parties–even classroom parties! Whatever the theme, you name it, I have probably seen it (or something close to it)! But, I’m not complaining! I love looking at the different themes parents, party planners, and event stylists come up with–and I never get tired of looking at them! And while I have some personal favorites (I’ll put them down below), I also wanted to know my teammates’ favorite themes (they’ve got quite a few too). So here it is–12 of our favorite party themes so far!


1. Dainty/Shabby Chic

Photographer: Starfish Media / Event Stylist: Inside the Box Events and Creative Studio / Girl Party: Delightful and Dainty

I personally love this one because of the color scheme–pink, hints of pale yellows, and faded blues–(sigh) they look so pretty!


2. Game of Thrones

Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings / Event Stylist: Kaye Termulo-Garcia / Boy Party: This Game of Thrones Party Will Make You Super Excited for Season 7!

“I’m a Game of Thrones fan, so seeing this theme for a kid’s party is pretty unique! I enjoy looking at the details, like the sigils (per House) and the cupcake with the Iron Throne topper.” – Bea, Content Manager


3. Garden/Nature

Photographer: Cradles / Event Stylist: Party Magic by Michelle Lao / Boy Party: Joaquin’s Garden-Themed Party

“When you put all the greens together, it looks super pretty and chill.” – Sam, Social Media Manager


4. Hot Air Balloon

Photographer: Cradles / Event Stylist: Style It Dainty by Mary Clutario / Boy Party: Fly High Little One!

I’ve always dreamed of riding a real hot air balloon! And seeing all the super cute hot air balloon decorations is probably why this is one of my favorite themes!


5. Guess How Much I Love You

Event Stylist: The Party People PH / Boy Party: Can You Guess How Much I Love You?

“When I was younger, this was one of my favorite books! It’s so nice to see the details of the characters and the cool tones incorporated in the party.” – Bea


6. Geometric

Photographer: Little Heartbeat Photography / Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa / Boy Party, Girl Party: Geometric Gorgeousness

“The shapes and all the different and bright colors make it fun and unique!” – Sam


7. Lemon/Orange

Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings / Event Stylist: Kaye Termulo-Garcia / Girl Party: Lovely Lemonade Lady

If you thought it was a theme about colors, guess again. Who’d have thought that fruit could be a party theme, right? But it’s actually a simple but extremely pretty theme!


8. Mexican

Photographer: Michelle Lao of Party Magic / Event Stylist: Party Magic / Girl Party: Mexicana Mananita

“I love looking at the vibrant banderitas and cool sombreros in fiestas!” – Bea


9. Tropical

Photographer: Happy Folks Studio / Event Stylist: Party Magic / Girl Party: Summer in the Tropics

“Not only are the colors bright and fun, but tropical parties always remind me of the beach.” – Sam


10. Museum

Photographer: Little People Lifestyle Photography / Event Stylist: Kaye Termulo-Garcia / Boy Party: Marvelous Museum

This one is a really unique theme that you don’t see everyday! This one made it to my list of faves because it’s kinda rare to have a party theme that’s fun, cute, and still educational!


11. Under the Sea

Photographer: Anthony Co Photography / Event Stylist: Party Magic / Girl Party: Splash of Mermaids

“This can be a unique theme for both boy and girl parties. My favorite color combinations for this theme has to be teal, white, and purple!” – Bea


12. Woodland

Photographer: Rockin Photographers / Event Stylist: Daughter of Design / Boy Party: Woodland Wonderland

“I personally love the rustic theme, and a woodland theme is even better! It’s like putting a modern twist to the already cool rustic theme!” – Sam


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