Jayden’s Fun-Filled Farm Party

As someone who grew up playing patintero and taguan on a farm, these photos of little Jayden’s fun farm party gave me a major throwback! Events by Lia did a really great job at styling this party set. And of course, kudos to Ida Roccio Photography for capturing the sweetest moments of the party! Why don’t you go ahead and check them out below?



What we’re digging:

  • That adorable barn house! The 3D animals around it make it look extra cute and realistic too!
  • The dessert table! Everything from the backdrop and the mini farm item cookies, to the cake itself screams “fun farm party!” to me.
  • Of course I need to mention the theme! It’s fresh, laid-back, and interactive as well. There’s absolutely nothing to hate about this party!

Photographer: Ida Roccio Photography / Event Stylist: Events by Lia

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