7 Creative Ideas For Your Monthly Baby Photos

Our kids grow so fast–especially during their first few years–and as parents, we always want to capture their milestones. Whether it’s their first word or their first laugh, we want to be able to cherish those memories forever. And if you’re looking for creative ways to photograph your newborn (or even your older kids!), we’ve got seven unique ideas you might want to try out. Check them out below!


1. Go for a growth blanket


The best thing about this idea? You can re-use it and play with different accessories to circle the particular month. And it’s pretty simple to D.I.Y. too–you just need some cloth, markers, and paint!


2. Make use of their toys


Not only will the toys look cute and colorful in the photos, but we’re sure your baby will have fun looking at them while (unconsciously) posing!


3. Utilize number and alphabet blocks

A Darling Daydream

Aside from being educational, these blocks can be used as cool details for your little one’s shoot.


4. Choose a theme

The Child at Heart Blog

If you want to take it up a notch, it never hurts to choose a theme. Try going for a minimalist one–you can make use of interesting accessories like dark-colored cloth (for the background) and wooden blocks. You can also print the date of the month and attach it to a clipboard!


5. If you want vibrant photos, pick colorful florals.


Planning a shoot for your little princess? You can opt for colorful flowers like tulips or lilies to create a pretty tropical theme!


6. Try using a chalkboard!


Here’s something super simple! All you need is a chalkboard and some chalk–it’s simple, but still stylish!


7. Use baby clothes


Why not use their clothes as props for their shoot? Just print their age on sticker paper, and voila! Now you’re ready to take some photos!


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