8 Awesome Party Ideas That Both Kids and Adults Will Love

When it comes to celebrating parties, I always want my guests to have a good time. And as someone who has attended a lot of kiddie parties, I think it would be super cool if a celebration could cater to both kids and adults. Don’t you agree? And besides having mouthwatering meals or pretty set designs, I think these ideas will totally make a kiddie party fun for the kiddie guests and their parents.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Awesome Party Ideas that Both Kids and Adults Will Love


1. Have a pool party

You can never go wrong with a fun pool party! Both kids and adults will definitely love to swim and soak under the sun.

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2. Go for a cool family-friendly theme

If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, why not go for something that everyone in the family loves? You can choose a movie or a book theme that you all love, or even combine both!

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3. Add exciting and interactive games

Want your guests to interact and have some fun? Add exciting outdoor games to your celebration! Ring toss or basketball are some ideas that you can try.

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4. Try adding a reading corner

Who says you can’t add a mini library to your celebration? Make it look fun and exciting by adding pillows on the floor, so that kids and adults can bond together. You can also have a story telling activity, too!

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5. Enjoy a picnic outdoors

If you’re the adventurous type, spend some quality time with your guests outdoors by hosting a cool picnic or BBQ session! It’s perfect for intimate and laid-back gatherings.

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6. Have a menu for kids and adults

Aside from having the usual party favorites like chicken and spaghetti, why not opt to have a separate menus for kids and adults? You can have a dessert bar for the little tots, while the adults can have some wine and cheese!

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7. Incorporate fun activities like arts and crafts

Having unique activities is always a great way to keep your guests entertained! You can set up a little arts and crafts corner and host a drawing or craft making session for the kids and adults. You can even hold a contest for the best work of art!

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8. And of course, pick exciting giveaways!

Instead of the usual goodie bags with candies or chocolates, why not opt for something that they can use everyday? Aren’t these bags and pillows a great idea?

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