10 Moments Only Breastfeeding Moms Can Understand

Breastfeeding is a priceless experience for both you and your baby. And while you may love it (most of the time), there are also moments that well… just cannot be described. We listed down ten moments that only breastfeeding moms can understand. Check them out below, and see if you can relate!


1. When choosing your clothes becomes one of the hardest decisions you’ll make


2When you see the look on your child’s face that says, “FOOD!”


3. When you suddenly have psychic powers and just KNOW when your baby is hungry


4. When you’re comfortably sitting down to nurse your baby, and someone knocks on the door


5. When your husband falls asleep during the night shift


6. When the term “nurse” doesn’t just mean a medical profession anymore


7. When you forget your breast pads, and you’re hoping you don’t stain your favorite shirt


8. When the thought of mastitis is scarier than the zombie apocalypse


9. When you’d rather forget your toothbrush than your nipple cream


10. When someone asks if getting bitten by a toothless baby hurts. (Seriously?)


What other moments can breastfeeding moms relate to? Share them with us in the comments below!


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