5 Discussions Every Pregnant Wife Should Have With Her Husband

It’s a plain fact that being pregnant is no walk in the park. There are so many things that are changing, both physically and psychologically, and you’re trying to keep up with all the things that are happening. With all of this on your plate, you’re going to need someone to not just support you, but someone to talk to about everything. And while your hubby may not exactly understand what you’re going through, take the time to discuss these five things with him.

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Your concerns

What are you most worried about? What is your husband most worried about? Are you doubtful about something? Scared? Whether you think your concerns are trivial or not, sit down with your spouse and let him know what bothers you. Also take the time to figure out what he’s worried about too. It’s not just a one-way street. Though you may be the one carrying the baby, you’re both in this together.



Though you might not want to hear it, you will get a lot bigger. And naturally, as your baby bump grows, you will be hindered from doing a lot of things. (You might not even be able to put on your shoes at the end of your third trimester!) Because of this, there will be a lot of things that you’ll have to transition to your partner. It’s best to take the time to sit down and talk about this so he’s not taken off guard.


What you crave and what you can't stand

Should you even talk about this? Of course you should! So that he can take the hint LOL! Kidding aside, this is also to help make you feel better. We’re sure your hubby only wants the best for you, and knowing what you like and don’t like can help him make sure that you have a relatively smoother pregnancy.


Everything related to the baby

When you go to the doctor for your checkup, you can tell him how everything went. How big the baby is, and whether he or she is healthy or not. Better yet, you can persuade him to accompany you! Other than that, you can discuss names and other baby-related things like clothes and furniture you want to buy.


Your birth plan

If you want to take Lamaze classes or try water birthing, let your husband know. You can also detail what the particular plan entails. Does it entail going to class? Would it be something your husband is open to? While your partner will probably be more concerned about you and your baby’s safety, you can both talk and research about the birthing plan you choose to have.


While you don’t necessarily have to have a sit down talk and set aside time for all of these discussions, it’s also good practice to have them. You should never have to feel alone when you’re carrying both you and your husband’s baby, and we are absolutely certain he will be more than willing to listen and help.


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