10 TV Shows that Teach Your Kids Life Lessons

Television might not be so bad, folks! Although it is true that there are many television shows with very little morals, it shouldn’t discredit the shows that do uphold a strong moral and/or educational foundation. I find that television shows are a good way to keep your kids easily entertained while learning. TV time can also be family bonding time! The key is to find television shows that are thoroughly entertaining and highly interactive, with an admirable lead–and hey, I got you covered! Here we have a list of ten shows that fit the criteria.

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 10 TV Shows with Life Lessons that Your Kids Can Watch


Word Party Curiosity, Communication Word Party stars four little baby animals that encourage your kids in an interactive way to learn more! And aside from school lessons, the show also teaches kids how to be friendly with one another.

Ask the Storybots Love for learning, Adventure Five curious little creatures help each other to uncover how the world works through their missions. Aside from its textbook educational value, Storybots helps encourage kids to want to know more for themselves.

Peg + Cat Analytical thinking, Thirst for knowledge Watch Peg and Cat solve everyday problems with the use of math! The show uses ordinal numbers, rhyming, and musical rhythm to make learning fun!

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Loyalty, Resilience The show revolves around a fairy princess and her elf neighbor. The two best friends are a good example of what it means to be a good friend, help one another, and always be kind.

Carebears and Cousins Friendliness, Kind-heartedness This series has all the values of the past shows of the franchise like caring, sharing, and kindness. This time, there are more characters that join in the fun!

Little Einsteins Curiosity, Creativity Let your kids learn from the adventures of four friends! This show features a lot of art, music, and history. It's a great way to encourage your child to want to learn more.

Sofia the First Manners, Honesty Join Sofia as she learns to take on her responsibility as princess. In her daily life, she is faced with many opportunities to learn. Watch her grow up to become a better person!

Stanley's Big Book of Everything Love for learning, Imagination This show is about Stanley learning things about his environment. His is a good role model for kids because he is friendly, inquisitive, and well-mannered.

Clifford the Big Red Dog Love, Friendliness This show revolves around Emily and her big red dog, Clifford. Their story is filled with positive messages that kids can learn from. As the show unfolds, you'll really be able to see the connection Emily has with Clifford--it is friendship at its finest.

Wallykazam Thirst for knowledge, Caring for others The show follows Wally's adventures with his friends--they solve problems, help others, and overcome battles! I love how this show integrates magic and learning together!

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