14 Local Brands You and Your Kids Will Love

Moms and kiddos are always in need of things–anything and everything from bag essentials such as insect repellants and baby wipes, to clothes for the little ones and decor for their rooms. So, I’m very glad to present 14 local brands that offer world class quality and taste! After browsing a ton of different brands and their offerings, I’ve narrowed it down to these brands and their products that I’m proud to say is made in the Philippines. Scroll down and check it out yourself!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends Local Brands You and Your Kids Will Love


I categorized the list into three: Mommy Survival Kit, Dressed to the Nines, and The Kid Cave! For starters, the Mommy Survival Kit is a list of all the essentials you need as a mom at home and on the go. Second, Dressed to the Nines is a compilation of carefully chosen apparel brands for your kids. Third, the Kid Cave is a selection of home decor brands that can surely make any room brighten up! Ready to see these local gems? Keep on scrolling!


1st Set Mommy Survival Kit

1. Messy Bessy

Photo via Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy has a product line that caters to babies called Messy Baby. There’s bug repellent cologne, bottle cleaners, head-to-toe wash, detergent, insect repellent, and surface cleaner–the whole shebang to keep your baby’s environment in tip top shape!


2. Chunky Chewelries 

Photo via Chunky Chewelries

Dual purpose jewelry. Genius! To some, it’s a fashionable accessory but to your baby, it’s a teething toy! The best part is that it comes in different colors!


3. Charliebaby PH 

Photo via All Things Infant

Times have changed. You no longer need to carry around a bulky diaper bag! Instead, you can buy one of these sleek, stylish, and super functional diaper bags by Charliebaby!


4. Tiny Buds 

Photo via Tiny Buds

Tiny Buds has a wide range of products. What I’m currently loving right now are the rash and after bite creams. I’m sure we can all agree on how uncomfortable it is when something starts to itch. It’s a good thing that this cream is fast acting. It’s non-sticky too!


5. Sanicare 

Photo via Sanicare

Sanicare is the ultimate lifesaver! It’s quintessential for every mom to carry a pack of wipes in her bag, right? It’s one of the marks of being a mom! Not to mention how handy it is having the disposable underpads around for when you’re on the go!


2nd Set Dressed to the Nines

1. Little Luli 

Photo via Sheila Catilo

I just love this clothing store for kids! The styles are simple and easy to wear. I also love how the fit is made to be more loose than usual so kids can grow into them. Here’s to more sustainable options!


2. Fifi & Co. 

Photo via Go Jackie Go

Fifi & Co. has the trendiest styles available for your budding fashionista. Looking through their website, you’re gonna want to have some of their clothes yourself!


3. Style Me Little 

Photo via Style Me Little

Style Me Little first started out as an accessories store, and now it’s turned into a full blown boutique! Just imagine your little girl in this lovely dress with matching bow headbands–just adorable!


4. Googoo and Gaga

Photo via Googoo and Gaga

This store has the quirkiest prints that will surely give your kid that extra cuteness factor! They have designs ranging from cacti, ice cream, and zebras too!


3rd Set The Kid Cave

1. Baby Company PH

Photo via Baby Company

Baby Company has all the essentials you’ll need when decorating your baby’s room! A few items we love are the puzzle playmat, the dainty bloom crib set, and the adorable baby toddle sofa bed. I suggest you check out the wide range of items they have in store!


2. La Pomme Party 

Photo via La Pomme Party

La Pomme Party is known for it’s “Decorate-a-Plush” activity in birthday parties. Aside from that, they also offer the option to order your own personal kit! This plush will definitely be a unique feature in your little one’s room.


3. Chibi Momo PH

Photo via Chibi Momo

This store was practically soaked, stirred, and thrown into a vat of cuteness! It may be a store for kids, but I can easily find myself wanting everything! For the kids, of course…


4. Fun Nest PH

Photo via Fun Nest PH

When it comes to making sure your kid’s room is suited to their personality, you might want to check this website out! They have a well curated site filled with wall decals, stuffed toys, shelving, pillows, and mats that’ll undoubtedly bring your kid’s room to life!


5. Pottly N Tubby 

Photo via Pottly N Tubby

Pottly N Tubby is all about play, imagination, and style! I just love how they are dedicated to creating premium handcrafted pieces. They also offer the option for you to customize and personalize some items too. Isn’t that great?


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