5 Signs that Mommy Needs A Time Out

We’re all familiar with the concept of a time out, right? You know, when your kids are being naughty or doing something they’re not supposed to do, the ‘punishment’ or consequence is letting them calm down in the corner for a few minutes. It’s supposed to help them calm down and think about what they’ve done. I personally think it’s a pretty good practice. But you know what? Time outs aren’t just for kids–moms can benefit from a time out every once in a while too.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood 5 Signs that Mommy Needs A Time Out


When you are very stressed

We all just to familiar with the word ‘stress,’ aren’t we? With all the things we have to do, manage, and take care of, getting stressed is a natural part of being a mom. But, when you’re feeling a bit too overwhelmed with all your responsibilities, or when you think you’re just drowning in work and everything you have to do, take it as a sign to remove yourself from that mindset. Try to calm down, go to your little corner, and just breathe.


When you are angry or frustrated

Very often when you are already angry or frustrated, you tend to say things that you don’t mean, and might even regret later on. To help prevent that, try to be aware of your anger and frustrations. If you already know that you’re feeling these emotions, quickly whisk yourself away from your kids and your husband (actually, everybody), and calm down in your little corner. You can read something inspirational or motivational, you can do a calming activity like coloring, or even opt to take a short nap to recharge yourself.


When you catch yourself shouting or screaming

This is probably the biggest sign that indicates that you really need a time out. We all know that as moms we aren’t perfect, and we do have our bad moods and days. And as much as we try not to, we sometimes end up channeling our bad moods to our kids. No one feels good about shouting or screaming at their kids (or anyone), so once you catch yourself doing it, take it as a sign to get away from everyone, and calm down. Think about what you said, and what made you shout or scream in the first place. Once you’re in a better mood, you can try apologizing to your kids or husband. It may be difficult, but it will also be therapeutic, and make you feel better.


When you are throwing out sarcastic or hurtful comments

Words carry a lot of power and weight with them. And sometimes when we’re tired or worried, we say things that we don’t necessarily mean. If you’re one of those people who has a tendency to speak without a filter, a good practice would be to think before you speak. We know it’s a lot harder than it sounds, but once you say something, it’s almost impossible to take it back. So if you see the hurt on your children or husband’s face, embrace the guilt and give yourself a time out. If you need to cry, vent to a friend, or even pray, allow yourself your alone time to do so. Afterwards, you can come up with a plan to mend fences between you and your kids and husband.


When you realize that you haven't been listening to anything your kids or husband have been saying

There’s always a lot on our minds. Whether it’s work, planning the next day’s menu, errands you have to run, homework you have to make sure is done, or pick up times–moms are always thinking about something. So much so that sometimes you don’t notice that your kids or husband is speaking to you. We can get so caught up in our own thoughts of everything that has to be done, that we forget to live in the moment. So when you realize that you’re out of it, excuse yourself, and try to clear your mind of all the to-dos. Take deep breaths, and try to focus on the now. You don’t want to miss out on the memories you will make in the present, just because you’re worrying about the future.


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