9 Times Game Of Thrones Nailed Parenthood

Season 7 is over, and we’re still reeling from everything’s that happened this season. (Don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything!) But just to help make us feel better about the two-year waiting period before Season 8, we decided to come up with a list of times Game of Thrones perfectly understood what parenting was all about. Check it out below!


1. When you cleaned the house and your kids mess it up.


2. When your husband says he’s too tired from work but you were with your kids the whole day.

… Really now?


3. When other parents try to judge your parenting skills.


4. When someone messes with your kids.

… Dracarys!!!


5. When you just changed your newborn’s diaper, and he poops again.

… Not AGAIN!


6. When it’s your husband’s turn to watch the kids, and he calls you.


7. When your kids have done something naughty.


8. When your kids are finally asleep.

… Time to bring out the wine!


9. When you realize your kids are growing up too fast.

… Please stop growing up!


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