Why Your Kids Should Spend Time with Lolo and Lola

There is so much to love about our grandparents, aside from the undeniable fact that grandparents are notorious for feeding us till our bellies are full! Growing up, I enjoyed every visit to my grandparents’ house. Aside from being fed every single minute, I loved hearing their stories and enjoyed their company. It’s true what they say that with age comes wisdom. I learned so much from their experiences, from their relationship with each other, and in a way, I also felt closer to my parents. To sum it up, I think that kids should spend time with lolo and lola for the endless lessons, love, and laughter.

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood Wh Your Kids Should Spend Time with Lolo and Lola


1 Endless Lessons

Don’t you love how grandparents are like walking encyclopedias filled with firsthand accounts of historical events? Sounds funny, but it’s true! They’ve got a whole lifetime of experiences! The best part is that they are more than willing to share it. To our grandparents, retelling their stories and imparting their wisdom is a way for them to be remembered and loved! To the grandkids, these are life lessons taught by the ones who love them the most. So, don’t forget to make sure your kids take the time to see the your dad and mom!


2 Endless Love

Have you ever noticed the “Lola Kiss”? It’s when they sniff you a bit and then kiss you on the cheek–a classic lola move. It’s really no surprise that grandparents love their grandkids, and love to spoil them too! And there are many ways that they show this. For starters, they feed the kids with great food–under any circumstance, even when the kids aren’t hungry! Next, they’re not as strict as parents are, but will make sure the kids learn their lesson. Last, they always give them hugs and kisses with unending¬†gigil.


3 Endless Laughter

I always loved how my grandparents told me about all the silly things that my parents did–it was the cherry on top of my sundae! I liked hearing about how my mom and I were so alike, or stories about my dad as a teenager. Now imagine your kids getting to know that part of you. Well, I’m 100% sure that it’ll be filled with hilarious stories of the ridiculous things that you used to do as a kid! What could be better?


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