5 Activities You Can Do On Grandparents’ Day

Now that Grandparents’ Day is right around the corner (it’s already this Sunday!), I prepared a short list of activities that’ll take your kids down memory lane! These activities are lined up so that grandparents and grandkids can have a full day of quality time at home. Imagine sharing endless stories of your happy memories back then, and creating new ones at the same time! What could be better, right? So get your parents on the phone and start planning! Have fun!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 5 Activities You Can Do On Grandparents' Day


Make a family tree

Growing up, I always wanted to know more about my family history! I find that it’s pretty interesting to find out who you’re related to and their achievements. It gives you a good sense of family pride! And when it comes to constructing the family tree, all you would need is some art supplies and one morning to map it out!


Look at old photo albums

Yet another favorite pastime of mine! I find it so cool looking at photos of what life was like back then. Imagine what the kids would think when they see that the pictures are sepia-toned, or when they notice how different people dressed back then! They’re in for a good one!


Introduce an old hobby

Because our kids grew up with digital technology, I’m sure they’ll find it hard to believe that the world stayed analog for the longest time! No HD TV, Wifi, iPad, iPhone, etc. This is their chance to discover the classic ways our parents used to entertain themselves–like gardening, sewing, knitting, and more!


Share favorite food from back in the day

As the day is coming to an end, what’s better than sharing a meal together? By this time, I’m so sure that the kids will have more questions to ask. So I suggest that they take this time to relax, tell more stories, and bond!


Write cards for keepsakes

After a whole day of looking back at old memories, it would be great to cap off the day by eternalizing today’s activities through a letter–a new keepsake to look back on! And who knows, maybe making cards together can be a new family tradition too!


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