11 Grandparent Moments Parents Secretly Love

You know when you go to your parents’ house with your kids, and your parents feed them tons of food? Or when you tell your kids that the piece of chocolate they’re eating is going to be the last one, but somehow your mom or dad overrules you, and gives their apos even more? And then you ‘pretend’ to be exasperated? But really, we’ve all experienced those moments with our own grandparents–and we loved them! So, in honor of Grandparents’ Day, we’re listing down 11 grandparent moments that kids (and yes, parents–even though they’ll never admit it) both love.

Baby and Breakfast: Feels and Humor 11 Grandparent Moments Parents Secretly Love


1. When they are so excited to see… your kids


2. And greet them with never-ending hugs and kisses


3. When they won’t stop feeding your kids all the unhealthy stuff


4. When you said that was the last candy they could have, but lolo gives them another one… two… three


5. When they find out what your kids love and stock their houses with it


6. When they tell your kids stories about your embarrassing childhood


7. When they allow your kids to get away with something they normally wouldn’t get away with. “Shhh, don’t tell your mom.”


8. When your kids go to lola for anything, and she says, “Of course you can!”


9. When you try to video call with them


10. When they tell everyone of their apos‘ achievements


11. Whey they volunteer to attend all your kids’ events, and cheer like crazy


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