7 Activities to Distract Your Kids During Thunderstorms

Are your little ones afraid of thunder and lightning? It’s completely natural–even some adults are afraid of them! Whether it’s the big booming noise or the flash of bright light, there are many reasons for your kids to be afraid of them. So what’s a momma to do? Well, you can’t exactly make the storm go away (even though you wish you had the power to), so you do the next best thing–use distraction tactics! Here are seven ways to distract your kids during thunderstorms–trust us, they’re fun!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 Activities to Distract Your Kids During Thunderstorms


Teach some science

Sometimes things are scarier for kids because they don’t know much about what they’re afraid of. Do you know the saying, “Knowledge is power”? In this case, a little science lesson about the natural occurrence of thunder and lightning might help ease their fear. You can show them that even though there are loud booming noises and bright flashes of light, it’s completely natural!


Play music

Drown out the sound of thunder with your own happy playlist! You can set up an ‘anti-rainy day playlist’ with lots of upbeat and happy songs that you and your kids can dance to. Once you start dancing, we’re pretty sure your kids will forget all about what’s happening outside your house.


Watch TV

One of the easiest ways to distract the little kiddos? TV! While we recommend that you use this method sparingly and wisely, it’s still a good way to get your kids’ minds off the storm.


Read books

Another thing you can do is read them their favorite books. Not only will your calming voice soothe them, but hopefully they’ll get sucked into the story that they’ll forget all about the thunder and lightning. You can also keep a stack of books that have topics about storms too!


Play a game

The little science lesson aside, you can also play pretend, and make up stories about why there is thunder and lightning. Is it because a group of giants are playing bowling? Or is it because two trolls are playing baseball with rocks? You can makeup silly stories like these with your kids, and get a laugh out of them at the same time.


Make a snack

Who doesn’t get distracted by food? We’re sure that if you cook up their favorite snack, and let them help you in the kitchen, they’ll definitely forget about the loud noises and bright lights.


Build a fort

If your kids are really scared, then you can make them feel extra safe by building a fort or castle together–to keep all the scary noises and lights away, of course!


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