4 Birthday Milestones that Filipinos Celebrate

Who doesn’t love celebrating their birthday? Your favorite food, opening presents and having your loved ones celebrate you on your special day are just some highlights of birthdays celebrations! As we grow up, our birthdays get bigger and better as the list of things we should commemorate get longer! Here in the Philippines, we have a few noteworthy ages where celebrating is a must! Check out our list below (we’ve got some tips for you too)!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 4 Birthday Milestones that Filipinos Celebrate


1st Birthday What it means: Your anniversary as parents How to celebrate it: Explore different and creative themes--outer space and nursery rhyme themed parties are what we’re currently loving! Did you know: For her first birthday, Olivia Manzano-Reyes wore two dresses? One made by Veluz and the other by Dolce & Gabbana! 7th Birthday What it means: Entering the age of accountability How to celebrate it: Plan a ton of fun and memorable party games! Did you know: Some parents follow the 18-somethings tradition of debuts by having 7 gifts, candles, and princesses or princes! 18th Birthday What it means: Transition from adolescence to adulthood Who celebrates it: Girls How to celebrate it: Try to incorporate D.I.Y.! It’ll save you some money and you can even ask your friends for help! Did you know: A young lady took glamorous to a whole new level by renting out the SM MOA Arena as her debut venue! 21st Birthday  What it means: Age of responsibility Who celebrates it: Boys How to celebrate it: Opt for an out-of-town trip with just your close friends! Did you know: The reason behind this tradition is because back then, boys would be promoted from an assistant to a full-fledged knight at the age of 21!


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