5 Things Your Kids Can Gain from Owning a Pet

I grew up with cats, dogs, birds, and fishes. And let me tell you, it was and still is the best! If I were to count my best friends, you can bet that I include my dog in that list! Which is why I want to debunk the common¬†misconception that pets are way too high maintenance for some families. I beg to differ! You know what the trick is? Love. You just have to love them with all your heart! Animals are so filled with innocence and love–it’s unbelievable! But aside from that, your kids can also learn different values from raising a pet. Plus, of course, all the fun perks of being a pet parent!

Baby and Breakfast: Parenthood 5 Things Your Kids Can Gain from Owning a Pet



Like humans, animals take time learning house rules. You must be patient! You have to understand that they can be slow learners at first, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever follow the rules. It’s just gonna take time and effort to train them. This experience can help your kids grow more patient–and not just with their pets. Your kids can learn how to be more patient with their other siblings, their classmates, and even you!



The deal between parent and child about a pet usually goes like this: “Dad, can I have a dog?” “Yes, but the dog will be your responsibility”. At a the tender age of 7, what could responsibility even mean? It’s a foreign concept to kids! It’s a lesson taught to them in school, but responsibility is more than that. I believe that having a pet is the perfect way to instill this value in kids! They will have to remember when to walk, feed, and over all take care of their pets. Don’t you think this is a wonderful way to learn? And the best part is that you get a new family member while you’re at it!



Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher, once said that, “Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”¬†I strongly believe in this! Loving a pet brings your life a certain kind of warmth and kindness that cannot be explained!



Whether your pet is a fish, bird, cat, or dog, you can’t deny that these animals are companions. They’re a presence at your home. And whether it’s being greeted by your dog, taking a nap with your cat, or even watching your fish swim around their fish tank, you will never feel truly lonely with a pet around.



Your kids will definitely kill some of their boredom by taking care of, training, and playing with a pet. They can even exercise with some kinds of pets like dogs!


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