14 Adorable Kiddie Costumes That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

You know what’s better than dressing up in awesome outfits? Dressing your kids in adorable kiddie costumes! Seriously, kids + costumes = cuteness overload!!! So if you’re having a blue day, then browse through our list of cutie pies–I guarantee you’ll finish reading this with a smile on your face!

P.S. – You can also take some notes if you’re planning to dress your little ones up for any occasion!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 14 Adorable Kiddie Costumes That'll Put A Smile On Your Face


1. Pilot

Photo: A&A Photography

This little darling looks more than cute in his pilot outfit! Those goggles are just the cherry on top of an already splendid looking outfit!


2. Mermaid

Photo: The Little Bee Studios

I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I could be a mermaid in my childhood! So when I saw this little girl’s costume, I totally freaked out! Just look at all the details!


3. King

Photo: Camille Gonzales Photography

A costume fit for royalty? Well, you can’t get any more royal than being a king! I’m especially loving his crown!


4. Russian

Photo: Nicolas Photography & Videography

Besides princesses and pirates, I really appreciate costumes with a bit of culture! I love how this little lady is dressed like a Russian fashionista!


5. Peter Pan

Photo: Cradles

All this little one needs is a little bit of pixie dust, and he’s all set to go to Neverland! Don’t you think his Peter Pan outfit is on pointe?


6. Derby Racer

Photo: Happy Folks Studio

This little lady looks like she’s all set to join the horse races in her getup! Who won’t cheer her on when she’s wearing something this cute?


7. Mad Scientist

Photo: Happy Folks Studio

I love the idea of a mad scientist costume! The colorful prints and cute bow tie are what make this one stand out!


8. Chef

Photo: MR Villar

Just look at how adorable this cutie pie is in her ruffled apron and red dress! Oh, and let’s not forget about her chef’s hat of course!


9. Ranger

Photo: Starfish Media

Will you look at this cutie in his ranger costume? Doesn’t this photo make you want to say Aww…? And hey, check out his jeep in the background–he’s got all the props too!


10. Mexican

Photo: Peach Frost Studio

Here’s another culturally-inspired outfit! From the sombrero and headpiece, to the lace and the bandannas–what’s not to love?


11. Lion

Photo: Sugarpuff Photography

How cute is this little guy? With his adorable mane of fur, I just want to give him a huge hug!


12. Fairy

Photo: Simply Gray Studio

I’m sure your little girl would love a chance to dress up as a fairy! Put on a nice dress, a flower crown, and some wings, and voila, she’s picture perfect!


13. Jon Snow

Photo: Delightful Little Darlings

I know, it’s going to be so long before the last season of Game of Thrones. So, to help pass the time, you can dress your little one up in GoT costumes!


14. Annie

Photo: Purple Kite Studios

If you’re a fan of the Annie musical (and movies), then you’ll love this little girl’s outfit! Bright red dress, check, black shoes, check, happy personality, double check!


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