10 Easy Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Most couples might think that starting a family means having to say goodbye to their couple time–but that’s not always the case. You just have to start getting creative and maximize everything in the house! So if you’re running out of date night ideas, but also don’t want to do anything too complicated, we’ve rounded up a few ideas on what you could do for your next date night!

P.S. – Most of these ideas are activities you can just do at home, and won’t cost anything!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 10 Easy Date Night Ideas for Married Couples


Build a pillow and blanket fort

It’s always comforting to be wrapped in soft pillows, cozy blankets, and your partner’s arms, but the fun lies in building your fort! Experiment with every corner in your house to see where the fort would be most comfortable!


Binge watch your favorite movies

Make it nostalgic and watch your favorite movies from when you were teens or round up all the movies you saw together as a couple! There’s nothing like some downtime by the couch and munching on some snacks.


Have a cook-off

Have some healthy competition with each other’s cooking! It’s always fun to see whose cooking is really the tastiest in the household. Try making your partner’s favorite dish for extra points!


Enjoy a candle-lit dinner

It’s always a great idea to just up the romance by having a candle-lit dinner in your backyard, your garden, or even in your dining room!


Get pampered together

Kick back and relax with some pampering activities like getting couple massages, manicures, or doing a full-blown skincare routine with masks together just for some downtime.


Have a board game night

Unleash your competitive side and play a series of board games! From Monopoly to Uno, play everything and see who has the most wins! Make it even more interesting by playing with something on the line.


Play some video games

If you’re not in the mood for board games, you can always take your game consoles for a spin!


Take a long walk around the neighborhood

Talking while taking a long walk around the neighborhood is another way to relax and catch up with your partner, especially if you’ve both been having your plates full. Communication is so important, and taking the time to do simple things like this can really help your relationship!


Have a karaoke night

Whoever says they don’t have fun at karaoke is lying! Singing along to your favorite songs is oddly therapeutic. Give your wedding song a go or even your ‘official’ song.


Workout together

Some couples prefer to unwind by getting a good workout in but barely have the time to do so. If you have equipment at home, you can always spot each other or be sparring partners!


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