7 International Places to Visit for a Magical Christmas Family Getaway

Kids are natural dreamers and wishful thinkers. They tend to fantasize about their favorite storybooks or Disney movies. With their innocence and imaginative minds, they truly are believers of magic. Maybe some of us still are too, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. And with Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect season to let the kids and kids-at-heart experience the magic for real. We compiled a list of places you can visit with your loved ones for that one magical and memorable Christmas getaway. Make sure your passports are ready so you can start booking your plane tickets ASAP!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 International Places to Visit for a Magical Christmas Family Getaway


Reykjavik, Iceland

Do I still need to explain why? The place is simply magical. The dancing Northern Lights are just amazing and will definitely take your breath away.


Cappadocia, Turkey

Time to go up, up, and away! What a cool experience to ride a hot air balloon and see the entire place covered with snow. It is such a wonderful sight!


Shirakawa-go, Japan

Are you also dreaming of a White Christmas? Then this place is just perfect because it seems like you’re living inside a magic snow globe. Your family can actually stay in one of the houses and enjoy this historic village.


Vienna, Austria

It’s every girl’s dream to become a princess. Good thing, there’s a place where you can see stunning real life castles and palaces. And the exciting part is, your family can spend a couple of days there just like a royal family. Pretty awesome, right?


London, United Kingdom

There are several outdoor rinks your family can go ice skating in. It’s a super fun activity for the whole family. Try doing it at night and you’ll experience something more magical.


Macau, China

Explore this dazzling city and get ready to be mesmerized. All the festive lights and holiday decors adorning the unique architecture are an absolute feast for the eyes. Truly magnificent!


Paris, France

This romantic city is not only for lovers but for kids too. For sure, they’ll enjoy riding the colorful carrousels because they’re all so fun and charming! So hurry up and pack your bags now!


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