7 House Decors To Make It Feel Like Christmas Came Early

It’s almost that time of the year again, and who doesn’t want to celebrate it as much as possible? It’s such a great bonding experience to decorate the entire house together as a family. Plus, I find that it really gets me super excited for Christmas! Once you’ve gotten the Christmas tree locked down, here are some extra ways to raise the entire family’s holiday spirit! We’ve rounded up a few house decors (some you can even do yourself) to make it feel like Christmas came extra early in your home! Check out our list below!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 House Decors to Make It Feel Like Christmas Came Early


1. Potted Plants

Is it me or is it really such a lively and refreshing sight to see plants all over the house? Just for the holidays, try placing bright Christmas-colored plants around the house. The red, yellow, and green colors will definitely lend your house a holiday air!


2. D.I.Y. Ornaments

Photo via One Little Project

Here’s a fun D.I.Y. project you can do with the family! Everyone can make their own ornament to hang around the tree!


3. Pillows

Photo via Amazon

Make your home extra cozy for the holidays with these adorable pillows–just a casual and comfy reminder that it’s Christmas soon!


4. Miniature Christmas Decor

I love accidentally finding small and simple things for the house when I’m shopping, especially during this time of the year! Intricate details really make a world of a difference in the house so keep an eye out when you’re doing your Christmas shopping.


5. Personalized Stockings

Photo via Amazon

Make a home for your presents with these adorable Christmas stockings. You can always choose to D.I.Y. if you wanna personalize it!


6. Indoor Lanterns

Trust me, these will look absolutely dreamy when you turn it on at night! Hang the lanterns around the bed, the wall, or any other place you want to light up!


7. Christmas Calendar

Photo via My Sister’s Suitcase
Photo via Board and Brush

There’s nothing like seeing how many days are left until Christmas to get you in a festive¬†mood.¬†You can opt for a calendar or even a countdown board to make it feel even more exciting!


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