7 Things Your Son Will Love To Get This Christmas

Christmas gift shopping can be a handful at times, especially when you’re all out of ideas on what to get for your little ones. Moms, if you’re on the lookout for gift ideas for your son or nephews, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a few things that might be perfect gifts for them. We’ve got all sorts of suggestions fit for any and every budget. Scroll down to see our options!

Baby and Breakfast: Tips and Trends 7 Things Your Son Will Love to Get This Christmas


1. Gaming Console

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While technology nowadays always keeps us on our toes, our little boys are always looking for a fun gadget to play with! In some ways, consoles are an investment because you can always change it up by playing different games with it!


2. Educational Board Games

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Something to stimulate your son’s brain while making sure he has fun–board games like this just might be his next favorite pastime!


3. Game of Pie

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With its rising popularity in tons of variety shows, this present might just garner a few laughs from everyone in the family!


4.  Action Figures

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Whenever I ask my baby cousins what they want to get from Santa, they scream action figures of whatever show or series they are currently into! When I was a kid, I absolutely loved having figurines of whoever I had considered my role model from cartoons and TV shows then.


5.  Sports Equipment

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If your son or nephew is exploring sports, now would be a great time to invest in some sports-related equipment! Just make sure to know what sport he’s currently into! Be it basketball, baseball or soccer, this type of gift is useful and will help him develop his skills.


6. A Lunchbox Set

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Get an adorable lunch box set depending on his favorite color or the current television series he can’t get enough of!


7. Fantasy Books

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It’s always a good idea to stimulate his creativity and imagination! You can do that by letting him read more and more. Tip: trilogies are a great place to start!


If you have any other gift ideas for our precious little boys, feel free to comment below!


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