Fuss-Free Beauty Products to Help You Look Good Despite the Holiday Rush

Just like that, it’s the season of giving once again! It’s also the time where moms magically turn into Superwoman with all the preparations that that need to be done! Let’s be real, as much as we want to look effortlessly gorgeous while doing a million tasks, we just don’t have extra time to spare before and in between our busy day. Luckily, there are some beauty products that are fuss-free, easy to use, and perfect for tight schedules. Don’t forget to treat yourself too!


1. Benefit’s Goof-Proof Brow Pencil

Photo via Benefit Cosmetics PH

Who else can’t leave the house without your brows done? I sure can’t! I am obsessed with doing my brows, but realistically speaking, we busy women don’t have an extra 20 minutes to spare to do our brows so we need a quick fix! With this brow pencil, filling your brows will only take a quick minute or two. Plus you can use it on-the-go and take it with you everywhere.


2. Rraw’s Body Frosting

Photo via Rraw PH

Don’t forget to pamper yourself in between your busy schedule! As it works as a body scrub, body polish, and whipped soap, body frosting is your next go to for that luxurious post-bath feeling. You can select from their variety of scents and frosting flavors. Who doesn’t want their skin to feel extra smooth and fresh?


3. V&M Naturals’ Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil

Photo via V&M Naturals

Often called the “Miracle Oil”, emu oil provides you with a ton of skincare benefits, such as hydrating and rejuvenating your skin! For nights when you feel like your skin could use a pick-me-up because of your tightly scheduled days, you can treat yourself to some emu oil to help relax and revive your skin.


4. In Her Element’s Nourish & Cleanse Balm

Photo via In Her Element

With the sweet scent of choco vanilla, you can easily remove stubborn makeup with this oil-based cleanser! Another way to use it is by applying it to the dry areas of your skin (hello elbows and knees!) to hydrate and smooth out the area. It’s easy to use, multi-functional, and made with natural ingredients!


5. Origins’ Peace of Mind

Photo via Origins PH

Peace of Mind finally comes with a price! Kidding aside, for those of you who tend to get headaches within the day, this just might be your saving grace for on-the-go days this holiday season!


6. Happy Skin’s Say Eye Do Easy Eyeshadow Cushion Duo

Photo via Happy Skin Cosmetics

Eyeshadow has never been this convenient and easy! The double-ended eyeshadow pen is your next best friend as it instantly gives you that glammed up look, without the effort! No brush needed as it makes use of a cushion tip for easy application and blending. Plus, it contains Argan oil so you can count on it to take extra care of your lids and glide on your eyes smoothly.


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