7 Things You Can Look Forward to Once You Have A Child

Whether you’re thinking about having a child, are pregnant and expecting, or have just given birth, you probably already know that there will be a lot of changes in your life once there’s a child in the picture. It just won’t be the same anymore. Why? Check out these seven things that you can look forward to once you have a child to find out!

Baby and Breakfast: Feels and Humor 7 Things You Can Look Forward to Once You Have A Child


1. You have someone to dress up

If you love dressing yourself, then I’m pretty sure you’d love dressing miniature versions of yourself! Just think of choosing between all the cute and adorable teeny tiny baby clothes! It’d be like having your own life-sized doll!


2. You can eat all the good kiddie food

Chips? Candy? Doughnuts? Ice cream? YES please! When you’re passing by the junk food aisles in the grocery, you know you’re buying all of the sweets for your kids. Or are you? Either way, at least you can eat all the good food with your child (and not feel as guilty)!


3. You are given priority when riding airplanes

Yep, that’s right! You get to cut the long lines, and go first! Worth having a child, right?


4. You get to go to kiddie places and do kiddie stuff without being judged

You can go to the McDonald’s ball pit, Kidzania, and all the other kids-only places! Not only do you get to be a kid at heart again, but you get to relive everything through your kids eyes too!


5. You have an extra set of hands to help you

Okay, I’m not quite sure how much “help” the extra set of hands will give you, but for simple tasks like setting the table and putting away toys, it’s still a pretty big deal.


6. You have someone who will always make you laugh

Whether or not they have the intention to make you laugh or not, there will always be something to laugh about when your kid is around.


7. You have an excuse to not look perfect, be late, and do goofy things

“Because I’m a mom.” ‘Nuff said.


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